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Diverging from the typical Caribbean experience, Culebra presents easily accessible yet tranquil beaches that provide visitors with a serene, off-the-grid island escapade. This Puerto Rican island stands apart from the mainland, offering fortunate travelers immaculate, unspoiled beaches and some of the finest snorkeling opportunities in Puerto Rico, ranking among the best in the entire Caribbean. 

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You may already be familiar with Flamenco Beach, as it frequently graces the pages of travel magazines, recognized as one of the world’s premier beaches.  If you can pull yourself away from the enchantment of Flamenco Beach, embarking on a journey behind the wheel will reveal an array of breathtaking beaches mesmerizing in their own distinctive ways.  Exploring the coastline of Culebra becomes addictive, as each one presents a unique experience and distinct landscape.  Culebra’s beaches, notably devoid of crowds, offer encounters with turtles and a vibrant variety of tropical fish frolicking in a thriving underwater playground.  Equip yourself with snorkel gear or book an excursion with a knowledgeable guide, and lose track of time floating in the crystalline turquoise waters, surrounded by an exotic and flourishing coral reef system.

Culebra caters to true beach and nature lovers seeking indulgence in pristine, crystal-clear waters and a dreamlike, perfect lush landscape that seems to belong to another era.  The beaches of Culebra provide a sanctuary for decompression and disconnection from the hectic world, compelling you to let go and surrender to the beauty that envelops you, renewing all your senses.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular beaches in Culebra, highly rated beach tours, and a comprehensive map highlighting all the beaches in Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Flamenco Beach / Playa Flamenco

Consistently voted one of the top beaches in the world. 

Flamenco Beach - Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach consistently earns accolades as one of the world’s best beaches, embodying all the criteria for a perfect coastal paradise.  Each year, Flamenco Beach garners recognition in esteemed travel publications and renowned review platforms like TripAdvisor, solidifying its place on top beach lists globally.

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Carlos Rosario Beach / Playa Carlos Rosario

Carlos Rosario - Beaches of Culebra, Puerto Rico

Steps away from the Flamenco Beach parking lot, embark on a breezy 20-minute hike to reach Carlos Rosario, a Culebra gem renowned as the premier snorkeling destination on the island. This exquisite beach is a must-visit, offering a colorful garden with abundant sea life, making it a haven for snorkelers.  Immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life and crystal-clear waters of Carlos Rosario, creating an unforgettable experience that adds an extra layer of allure to your Culebra adventure.

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Tamarindo Grande Beach

Playa Tamarindo Grande - Culebra, Puerto Rico

Ensure that Tamarindo Grande is part of your Culebra exploration.  The shore boasts ivory sands adorned with polished pebbles and views of Cayo Luis Peña across the turquoise waters.  After admiring the landscape, the waters lure you to swim and snorkel to become part of the magical playground underneath the surface, where sea turtles and rays play and love to call this place home.  Don’t miss the enchantment that awaits at Tamarindo Grande.

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Zoni Beach / Playa Soni

Zoni Beach / Playa Soni - Culebra, Puerto Rico Beaches

Zoni Beach is for those who yearn to be embraced by beauty and experience the joy of a romantic beach stroll. Zoni Beach exudes an exotic ambiance reminiscent of the Pacific, with gorgeous blues contrasting against the clear glass water and a rugged coastline adorned with seashells, coral stones, and lively waters.  While the water may not always be safe for swimming, the captivating landscape and serene atmosphere compensate for it.  Zoni Beach is a turtle nesting site, so please be attentive and watch your step for signs of turtles on the sand.  One end of Zoni leads to the discovery of Playa Tortolo, an additional gem to enrich your Culebra adventure story.  The other end features the shallowest area with glass-like water, ideal for a refreshing swim when the surf is calm and the tide is low.  Bring a book, locate a shaded spot, and immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of the sea. 

Punta de Soldado Beach / Playa Punta de Soldado

Playa Punta Soldado - Beaches of Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

On the southwest point of Culebra, Punta de Soldado has a dramatic landscape promising excellent opportunities for snorkeling, diving, scenic island views, and breathtaking sunsets.  The shoreline of Punta de Soldado stands out as one of the most distinctive on the island, boasting a rich tapestry of bleached coral, polished pebbles, and sands that vary from grainy to tiny, resembling delicate baby stones.  This beach is never crowded, most likely you’ll have this beach to yourself. 

Melones Beach / Playa Melones

Melones Beach - Beaches in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Nestled at the end of a quiet street, you’ll discover one of Culebra’s most accessible snorkeling beaches.  As the day draws to a close, this spot emerges as the premier location on the island to witness a mesmerizing sunset.

Brava Beach / Playa Brava

Brava Beach - Beaches - Culebra, Puerto Rico

A serene and secluded haven awaits you after a 20-minute hike to Brava Beach.  Cherished by surfers and those seeking tranquility, this expansive stretch of shoreline invites relaxation and meditation to the powerful soundtrack of crashing waves.  The landscape at Brava Beach is nothing short of spectacular. 

Datiles Beach / Playa Datiles

Datiles Beach - The Beaches of Culebra, Puerto Rico

Playa Datiles is a little hard to find and hidden, embraced by campers, boaters, and kayakers alike, this beautiful beach cove offers the most serene and shallow waters in Culebra in shades of turquoise blues.  The scenic presence of Luis Peña Cay adorns the picturesque backdrop. 

Resaca Beach /  Playa Resaca

Resaca Beach - Beaches of Culebra, Puerto Rico

Similar to Brava Beach, Resaca is an escape for those seeking the utmost seclusion. The hike to Resaca is more captivating and challenging than the one to Brava, navigating through boulders and narrow goat trails. Upon reaching the destination, you’ll find yourself sitting on the sand, captivated by the beauty that surrounds you, left to ponder the wonder of being the sole occupant in this magnificent place.

Map of Beaches on the Island of Culebra

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