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Save a Spot – Popular Tour to Culebra

Instead of seeking a WiFi Zone in Culebra, plan on bringing plenty of sun lotion, an underwater camera, and snorkel gear, you’ll have amazing experiences worth sharing with friends and family after you leave.

Culebra is not your average Caribbean vacation destination, there are no fancy man-made attractions here, and that’s exactly how both resident and repeat visitors prefer it.  The main attractions in Culebra are the ones that nature alone created, the ones that remain untouched and unharmed by development and tourism exploitation.

In Culebra visitors are allured and captured by the simplicity and richness of attractions that only God could create.  There are a few other attractions such as the museum where you can get to know more about the history of Isla de Culebra.

Visiting Advise - On your own or with a tour guide?

On your own:  If you’re staying on the east coast of Puerto Rico, go to the Ceiba ferry very early so you can get the earliest ticket and have more time in Culebra.  Buy round-trip tickets!  There’s so much beauty in Culebra, we highly recommend you stay two nights, rent a jeep and explore. 

Culebra with a Tour Guide / Charter:  If you’re only visiting for a day, we encourage you to book a tour that covers all the details so you can make the best of your time in Culebra and Puerto Rico.  We have provided you with top-rated tours specific to attractions and activities.  You may have to book a transfer from San Juan to Fajardo, where most tours depart to Culebra.

Time Needed in Culebra

A day trip to Flamenco Beach in Culebra is on the list of best things to do in Puerto Rico.

If you are staying in Culebra, we recommend you stay at least two nights to explore the coastline and enjoy the best snorkeling under the Puerto Rican flag.  A full week is perfect to see the top beaches, snorkel, and hike the trails at a relaxed pace.

Culebra may be small, but the beauty and enchantment keep many coming back year after year.  Once you visit the beaches of Culebra and Vieques you’ll be spoiled for life.

Swim, Snorkel, Relax & Play at Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach - Best things to do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach is the main attraction on the island of Culebra.  Included on the world’s best beaches lists, this ought to be your first stop and one you can’t miss.  Your greatest issue at Flamenco may be convincing yourself to leave in order to explore the rest of the island.  Be sure to walk to the left end of Flamenco to see the Navy tanks, bring your snorkel gear to explore the reefs, and of course taste the traditional food at Flamenco kiosks.

Top Rated Tours to Flamenco Beach from Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Go Snorkeling in Culebra

Brain Coral - Snorkeling in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is one of the best snorkeling destinations in the Caribbean, one of the few islands left with a healthy coral reef system.  We both love and hate to tell you about it, people tend to destroy these treasures for lack of education and conscience.  Culebra welcomes you to enjoy our reefs but kindly begs that you help us preserve our reefs by never touching, stepping, anchoring, fishing, or taking anything away.

The best beaches for snorkeling on the main island of Culebra are Carlos RosarioMelonesTamarindoFlamenco, & Punta de Soldado.

Top Rated Snorkeling Tours to Culebra

Book a Day Trip to Culebrita

Culebrita - Culebra, Puerto Rico

The offshore island of Culebrita is a mini Culebra with its own enchantments… The crystal clear waters surrounding Culebrita are captivating with water as clear as glass tinted in turquoise and emerald green.  In Culebrita you can enjoy the Jacuzzi / Tidal Pools, and take a hike to the lighthouse ruins.  A charter guide is the best way to enjoy the best of Culebrita, they’ll take you to Tortuga Beach and the best snorkeling spots.  

Top Rated Tours to Culebrita Island 

From Culebra

From Fajardo

Get Lost & Explore the Island

Driving in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Many travelers staying on the main island of Puerto Rico head to Culebra for a day trip with Flamenco Beach as their main attraction on the list.   We invite Culebra’s visitors to rent a jeep or golf cart and simply take a few hours  to drive around the island.  Once you drive around, we are confident you’ll join the long list of travelers that come back for the island’s enchanting allure.  You’ll be making many stops along the way, you’ll want to photograph colorful homes, the beautiful Ensenada bay, the green rolling hills, spectacular sweeping vistas of the coastline dotted with sailboats… and the chicken crossings.

Culebra’s beaches are turtle nesting sites, the sand on the shores are home to sea and land creatures.  You’re welcome to explore our island, we just ask that you’re a good guest by helping us protect our shores.  Please don’t drive or park on the sand, that includes dirt bikes and golf carts.

Go Kayaking in Culebra

Kayaking - Best things to do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Kayak on the west coast beaches along the Luis Pena Cay, the waters are calm and very clear.  You’ll want to pause along the way to take in all the wonder around you…you’ll wanna take a kayaking break to put on your snorkel gear in order to explore the gardens below the surface.  Book a tour with a friendly knowledgable tour operator for both safety and making the most of your time in Culebra.

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Top Rated Kayaking Tours in Culebra

From Ceiba 

For Visitors Already in Culebra

Get to Know Culebra’s History at Museo El Polvorin (Museum)

Museo Historico de Culebra “El Polvorin” – Culebra, Puerto Rico

On your way to Zoni Beach, be sure to stop by El Polvorin Museum where you can learn about the history of Culebra, watch a few documentaries, and purchase some great souvenirs and books to take home.

Go Hiking

Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

The island offers various hiking trails leading to gorgeous secluded beaches with excellent snorkeling and scenic views along the way.  Some of the popular hiking trails lead to Brava BeachResaca Beach (more difficult), and Carlos Rosario.  The offshore island of Culebrita offers various hiking trails to lighthouse ruins with heavenly views.

Go Scuba Diving in Culebra

Culebra and its archipelago of islands offer about 50 dive sites from shallow to 75 feet with excellent sea life and pristine conditions.   Whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced diver, Culebra will overdeliver expectations.

+ Scuba Diving Charters

  • Culebra Divers  +1 787-742-0803
  • Culebra Snorkeling and Dive Center  +1 787-435-3662
  • Aquatic Adventures   +1 515-290-2310

Scuba Diving Tours in Puerto Rico

Have fun counting sea turtles

Things to Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Glide alongside turtles on the beaches of Flamenco and Tamarindo Grande, beautiful beaches with magical experiences underneath the surface.  If you don’t see any turtles at Flamenco, then head over to Tamarindo Grande, typically there’s a higher number of them there.

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Watch the Sunset

Sunset in Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

You spent a full day in Culebra, take a half-hour to just sit down and admire a live unique painting being brushed and unveiled right in front of you…one more memory to add to a perfect day in Culebra.  Head to Melones Beach, one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset with easy access.

Go Fishing in Culebra, Puerto Rico

The waters around Puerto Rico and its offshore islands like Culebra are teeming with sea life.  Coral reefs and shallow waters lure in predators like bonefish, tarpon, snapper, jack, snook, grouper, and king mackerel.

There are charters available for fly fishing or light tackle fishing for these types of fish.  If you desire to go deep-sea fishing, charters are available that target tuna, sailfish, wahoo, kingfish, barracuda, and mahi-mahi.

– Culebra Bluewater Charters – 201-654-5290

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Paddleboarding in Culebra

Paddeboarding - Things to Do in Culebra, Puerto Rico

While Condado Lagoon in San Juan is a very popular destination for paddleboarding in Puerto Rico, those wishing for more tranquil settings head to the Spanish Virgin Islands of Vieques and Culebra.  Culebra’s waters on the west coast around the Nature Reserve are calm.  Paddleboard on your own, schedule lessons, or go on a guided tour.

  • Bright Paddle – +1 787-710-4324
  • Culebra Snorkeling & Dive Center – +1 787-435-3662

Go Surfing in Culebra

The few that get to ride the waves on these waters prefer to keep the best spots as a secret, various spots are only accessible by boat.  Mamacita’s Guest House offers surfing classes for all ages on our pristine beaches.  Here is a nice article on Culebra surfing.

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Boating & Sailing in Culebra

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is actually an archipelago made up of 18 islands, cays, and keys, making it a preferred destination for sailors and boaters.  Schedule a boat charter for more excellent snorkeling spots, fishing, and the opportunity to visit more beautiful beaches only accessible by boat. Be sure to make it to Culebrita, there you can enjoy a day basking under the sun at Tortuga Beach, and go for a hike up to the ruins of one of the oldest lighthouses in the Caribbean.

Bicycling in Culebra

The island of Culebra is small offering easy access to popular beaches that can be reached by bike for those that enjoy the sport.  There are various hiking trails perfect for mountain biking for avid riders.  For those on a tighter budget, bicycling is a great option to explore the island.

Birding “Birdwatching” in Culebra

While you enjoy the beaches in Culebra or take a nature walk on the trails you can observe and hear the sounds of native birds.  Culebra is a National Wildlife Refuge providing a safe place for a diversity of migratory birds throughout the year, a great place to go bird watching.

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