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Culebra, a small island, stands as one of the last places in the Caribbean where beauty remains unspoiled by modern development.   Culebra mostly attracts day trip visitors, leaving the rest of the coastline free of crowds to enjoy as if it is your own paradise for the day.  Those that frequently visit Culebra, only wish it was a secret rarely shared, with the hopes that island will not change.

While Culebra may be compact and serene, it unfolds a tapestry of activities for nature enthusiasts, ensuring entertainment amidst its natural wonders.    Delight in beach hopping, hiking trails leading to secluded beaches,  snorkeling on colorful reefs where sea turtles call home, scuba diving, kayaking, and walking around the charming town, greeted by very friendly residents.  As you explore Culebra, you’ll enjoy tranquility in breathtaking landscapes, transporting visitors to a world that, although not distant, feels like a blissful escape.

Tourism in Culebra, Puerto Rico

An Eco-Lover's Playground

Culebra Puerto Rico - Tourism

Culebra Puerto Rico - Tourism

While other Caribbean islands boast hotel chains and touristy activities, residents and Culeba lovers prefer to cherish the island’s natural treasures as the main attractions.  The majority of Culebra is a natural refuge, safeguarding it from excessive development and allowing visitors and residents to revel in a pristine tropical paradise.  The most popular activities on the island include beachcombing, kayaking, and hiking in serene and uncrowded settings.  Culebra is a haven for snorkeling enthusiasts, offering some of the healthiest coral reefs in the Caribbean.  Dining is a casual and relaxed affair with a calypso vibe; choose from a few seaside restaurants and places in town serving more traditional Puerto Rican cuisine.

Puerto Rico Vacation - Old San Juan & Culebra

Puerto Rico Beach Vacation - Culebra Island

For an unforgettable Puerto Rico vacation, we suggest starting with a 2-night stay in Old San Juan before catching a flight from SIG to Culebra for the remainder of your trip.  Explore the San Juan National Historic Site, stroll through Old San Juan’s charming streets, and savor exceptional dining experiences.  After a restful night, embark on a journey to Culebra for unforgettable days.  In Culebra, immerse yourself in swimming, snorkeling, relaxation, and the awe-inspiring beaches of this cherished island.  During your time on Culebra, you might join a community of visitors who return year after year; a few days here will undoubtedly turn you into a lifelong Culebra enthusiast.

Culebra...A Place to Relax, Recharge & Reconnect....

with the one you love, nature & self...

Have a romantic vacation in Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is an ideal haven for rejuvenation, providing the perfect escape to recharge before facing life’s challenges. Whether you’re seeking an extended vacation or a brief weekend getaway, Culebra’s natural allure offers the respite you desire.

Upon arriving in Culebra, you’ll find yourself in a place where time appears to have stood still. The island’s unhurried pace and relaxed ambiance invite you to disconnect and embrace the simplicity and enchantment of authentic island living. It’s a destination that encourages you to unwind and surrender to the magic of its surroundings.

Travel to Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

So close...yet feels so far away...

Getting to Culebra

Travel to Culebra, Puerto Rico

There’s no need to traverse the globe to discover a truly extraordinary destination, a brief 3.5-hour flight from major cities in the USA will take you to the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  From there, a quick 30-minute flight or ferry ride transports you to Culebra, where pure natural bliss awaits.  Learn more about reaching Culebra, Puerto Rico.

Hotels & Places to Stay in Culebra

Culebra provides several accommodation options, including a charming boutique hotel, several cozy inns and guesthouses, and a range of vacation rentals.  Notably, you won’t find towering oceanfront resorts, hotel chains, or standardized lodgings in Culebra; a characteristic that enhances the island’s allure for its admirers.  Whether you’re a honeymooner, a solo traveler, or a family seeking a getaway, Culebra Island ensures comfortable lodging and warm hospitality.  More about hotels/lodging in Culebra

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