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Playa Resaca - Beaches of Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Playa Resaca is one of the most valued natural treasures of Culebra, an important turtle nesting site monitored by the Fish & Wildlife Service.  For hiking lovers this is the most difficult hike on the island, the trail is narrow and steep.  You’ll be walking along what is known as the Resaca boulder forest, making the hike more challenging and fun for hiking enthusiasts.  The reward is worth the effort, like Brava, Resaca is totally virgin, totally secluded with a striking landscape.   Culebra offers many quiet, uncrowded beaches, Resaca is the most isolated due to the hike.  We hate to break the secret, but surfers in the know make the hike to Resaca Beach.  Most likely you’ll have the beach all to yourselves.  This is one of the reasons Culebra is so special… the island is accessible yet feels so far away.

Playa Resaca - Culebra Puerto Rico Beaches

Bring plenty of sunblock and water, there is no shade at Playa Resaca.  During turtle nesting season, the beach may be closed, please respect the signs and don’t walk into closed-off areas.  For your safety, never swim or surf alone, there are no lifeguards or facilities on the beach.

Getting to Playa Resaca – Culebra, Puerto Rico

When you get to the end of the road, you’ll see a gate on your right and the “Turtle Nesting Beach” sign on the photo to the right, the trail begins to the left of this sign.

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Culebra, Puerto Rico

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Culebra, Puerto Rico