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Culebra extends a warm welcome, inviting you to explore our cherished jewel, Playa Flamenco.  This pristine beach stands among the world’s finest, perpetually recognized on prestigious “Best World Beaches” rankings.  You don’t have to journey across the globe to experience this extraordinary treasure; it’s nestled in the Caribbean, in our island of Puerto Rico.  A pleasant boat excursion, short flights, or ferry ride, and you can be here, enjoying the pleasures of Flamenco Beach, an experience you’ll cherish forever.  

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Visiting Guide

The Experience at Flamenco Beach

Getting Acquainted with Culebra

    Visitor's Guide

    Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Before we start your online tour of Flamenco Beach, let’s go over basic information to help you get here, itinerary suggestions and basic facts to help you plan your visit.

    Top Rated Tours to Flamenco Beach

    Video Introduction

    Getting to Flamenco Beach

    This extraordinary gem is not a distant dream, this Caribbean dream is easily accessible by booking a fun pampering excursion or quick flight from the mainland of Puerto Rico.  You may also take a ferry ride from Ceiba, further below we give you helpful tips for the best experience to meet your travel wishes and budget. 

    Most Convenient way to visit Flamenco Beach

    Booking a boat tour or private charter, be sure to book ahead of time, it is among the top excursions in Puerto Rico, and the best rated excursions sell out.  If you wait until the last minute to book a tour, you may become frustrated finding a tour. 

    Flying to Culebra

    • From San Juan – Take a flight from Isla Grande Airport in San Juan; the cost is about $90 one way. 
    • If you’re staying in the East Coast, you may drive to the Ceiba Airport for a short and more budget-friendly flight, the cost is about $45 one way. 

    By Ferry – The most Economical Way of Travel to Culebra

    • If you’re staying in San Juan, take a taxi or book a transfer to the Ceiba FerryThe ferry cost is 2.25 per person one way, plus cost of transfer for your group.
    • Another option is to take a flight to Culebra from Ceiba and take the ferry back to save money. About $50 per person.

    The map on this page, shows airport locations,  ferry terminals, and marinas in Fajardo where some tours depart, as well as the best-rated hotels nearby.

    Getting Around Culebra on a Day Trip

    • Plenty of taxis at the airport and the ferry terminal are ready to take you to Flamenco Beach.  
    • You may also rent a golf cart to see a little more.  Tamarindo Grande Beach is a nice beach to visit with your Flamenco day trip; you can go snorkeling and spot sea turtles.

    Crowds at Flamenco Beach

    Flamenco Beach experiences crowds primarily during holidays and summer, and uniquely, during the winter when other Caribbean islands are bustling, Flamenco remains serenely tranquil even on busy days. While many choose the main beach near the entrance, seeking more privacy and quietude is as simple as strolling a few minutes in either direction.

    Food & Facilities at Flamenco Beach

    Facilities at Flamenco Beach

    There’s food, bathrooms, and showers at Flamenco Beach, so you can spend the entire day there, then take a taxi back.

    Food at Flamenco Beach

    When hunger strikes, take a break from the sun-soaked shores of Flamenco and explore the outdoor food stands offering delectable Puerto Rican street food that’s too good to miss.

    Some popular food options include Puerto Rican favorites like:

    1. Empanadillas: Pastry-fried turnovers filled with various options such as beef, chicken, crab, shrimp, shark, and more.
    2. Alcapurrias: Fried plantain or yucca dough filled with savory ground beef.
    3. Surrullos: Often dubbed ‘Puerto Rican fries,’ these larger surrullos at Flamenco are made with cornflour, filled with cheddar cheese, and served with mayoketchup.
    4. Pinchos (Meat Skewers / Kebabs): Enjoy pork, chicken, or fish skewers served with tostones (twice fried mashed plantains).
    5. Fish Platters: A delightful option for seafood lovers.
    6. Tostones: Twice-fried mashed plantains.

    For those with milder tastes, there are also pizza and other typical American food offerings

    So what makes Flamenco Beach so special? Let's count the ways...

    Following, we will attempt to share the special qualities that make Flamenco such a special place; but words and photos struggle to convey the true splendor; it’s an experience that must be lived to be fully appreciated.

    Flamenco Beach - Culebra, Puerto Rico

    If you arrive at Culebra by plane, you’ll fly over Flamenco Beach, quickly understanding why it is regarded as one of the best beaches in the world.  From the aerial perspective, the clarity of the water, the stretch of sparkling white sand, nestled amidst verdant rolling hills, perfectly come together to create a breathtaking landscape.  

    Flamenco Beach - Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

    Take a leap of faith and venture to Culebra, the experience will surpass your expectations.  Upon arrival, you may find that every beach you visit afterward falls short, contributing to why seasoned travelers have kept Culebra as their secret vacation haven for decades.

    The Water and Sand of Flamenco Beach

    Flamenco Beach - Best beach with clear water and white sand.

    Perhaps it’s the crystal-clear water with gentle waves, painted in endless shades of blue, that makes Flamenco Beach a healing chromotherapy experience.  Spend an entire day at Flamenco, and you’ll witness a spectacular display of changing water colors—from clear glass and soft baby blue to turquoise and deep emerald green. Capture the ever-changing scene with photos taken throughout the day to preserve these vibrant memories.

    The sand at Flamenco is light, white, and soft, adding to the allure of sandcastle building and romantic strolls along the beach. Arriving early in the morning may reward you with undisturbed sand, bearing few or no footprints, as the evening breezes erase the marks left by previous visitors.

    Top Rated Excursions to Flamenco Beach - Culebra

    The Landscape of Playa Flamenco

    Flamenco Beach - Culebra - Best Beach in Puerto Rico

    Perhaps it’s the perfectly landscaped shoreline… framed by green rolling hills as a picturesque backdrop and adorned with lush tropical palm trees, and native plants offering shade to visitors serving as a romantic hideout for honeymooners seeking a quiet moment for a kiss.  Unlike most Caribbean beaches, Flamenco remains free from concrete buildings and large resorts, providing visitors with a sense of being in a pristine, faraway paradise.

    Snorkeling at Flamenco Beach

    At Flamenco, you can do more than just take a refreshing swim; bring your snorkel gear and dive into the world beneath the surface.  Swim alongside turtles, rays, and a vibrant array of tropical fish.

    For the best snorkeling experience, allow our local tour operators to take you to the best spots while helping your party to be safe while also taking care of all the logistics so you can focus on the joys of Flamenco Beach and other beautiful reefs around Culebra’s coastline.

    See top rated snorkeling tours and private charters to Flamenco and other beaches in Culebra. 

    The Romance of Flamenco Beach & Culebra

    Flamenco Beach - Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Flamenco Beach, within its vast expanse, hides numerous intimate nooks, tailor-made for lovebirds. If you dream of having your private slice of paradise, discovering a serene corner, even amidst the bustling summer crowd, is effortlessly enchanting.

    Flamenco, the Perfect Beach for Family Good Times & Unforgettable Memories

    Flamenco Beach - Great beach for Kids - Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Safe waters for swimming, and snorkeling, kid-friendly food, bathrooms, outdoor showers, easy beach access, and an ambiance that allows families to reconnect.  If you have small children, Flamenco’s waters are calm with gentle waves, perfect for the whole family to enjoy a day at the beach.

    On the far right end of Flamenco, you’ll find the most perfect spot for toddlers.  A very shallow area with crystal clear water with spectacular views of the curvaceous landscape of Flamenco.

    The Navy Tanks at Flamenco Beach

    Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

    At Flamenco Beach, a distinctive and historic feature awaits, an old Navy tank stationed on the sand, bearing witness to the island’s past when the United States Navy utilized it as a gunnery range.  In 1975, following four years of local protests, the US Military departed from Culebra, relocating to Vieques.  Another tank resides on the beach’s interior, serving as intriguing relics.  The rusted Navy tank, adorned with ever-changing local art, stands as one of the most photographed artifacts on the island.  For an immersive experience, take a delightful stroll westward from Flamenco Beach.

    Camping with Million Dollar Views at Flamenco Beach

    Camping - Flamenco Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

    Flamenco is one of the most coveted beaches for developers, yet Culebra has successfully safeguarded it from commercial exploitation.  Rather than spending exorbitant amounts on a beachfront guest room, you can opt for a unique experience by camping under the stars at Flamenco.  Stargazing in Flamenco is one of the most magical experiences you can have in the Caribbean. 

    Tours, Excursions & Private Charters to Flamenco Beach

    Top Rated Tours to Flamenco Beach – Culebra

    + From Fajardo

    + From San Juan

    + Private Charters to Culebra

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